Carter — Wolvercote Mill

Carter, Harry. Wolvercote Mill: A Study in Paper-Making at Oxford. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1957.

  • Contents: List of Illustrations I. The Mill and the River II. The Early History of the Mill III. The Era of Hand-made Paper and the First Machine IV. Thomas Combe at the Mill House V. The Mill under the Partners VI. Recent History VII. Topographical Notes on the Site Appendixes i. A Memorandum of 1696 on the failure of the Company of White Paper Makers ii. Inventory of Stock for Paper-making at the Mill, 1782 in. Proposals by the Bible Committee of the Delegates of the Press for the acquisition of Wolvercote Mill, 1855 iv. Paper-mills near Oxford in 1816 v. Notes on Drawback of Duties on Paper allowed to the Universities
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