“I have always imaged that Paradise will be a kind of library” — Jorge Luis Borges.


For many decades I have been slowly accumulating a list of “books about books” (as folks in the bookselling trade like to say), some of them consulted for various projects, others just items resting on my bookshelves, and still other things I would like to look at in the future. And of course my list includes articles, theses, and web links as well. By now it’s a great heap of miscellaneous bibliographical references.

Through this blog I thought I might be able to put it in slightly better order—and make it available to others who share some of my scholarly interests. The list is still very haphazard and merely reflects my own preoccupations (with heavy emphasis, for example, on English and American fine printing in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries). Clearly it will take me some time to transfer all this material to the blog, but I intend to keep at it steadily.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to get in touch with me.

Just a few abbreviations crop up in the entries:

  • BL = British Library
  • Bodleian = Bodleian Library, Oxford
  • Grolier = Grolier Club Library
  • Huntington = Henry E. Huntington Library
  • LC = Library of Congress
  • SB = St. Bride Library, London

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